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Usually the performers participate in rehearsals beforehand.

Belqees Media is proud to offer its services inside and outside Turkey through multinational staff and years of expertise.

In addition to our Arab staff from different countries, Belqees Media employs 29 Turkish employees specializing in technology, satellite broadcasting and studio establishment and management.

Belqees Channel operates 24 hours a day. Belqees Media provides the channel with 3 studios, the latest equipment and an integrated headquarters for all editorial and technical news departments, covering all the needs of the channel across multiple levels.

We utilize the Octopus system, a modern and integrated news system, which provides the press and editorial staff in the newsroom with a smooth news cycle from the field to the newsroom to the screen.

We also use MAM to archive news materials. MAM is a modern system that can store a large number of news materials and provides privileges that enable the archival and editorial staff to access the materials easily. 



Establishment of Social Media Department and New Strategy



Expansion of Company Offices and Doubling the Number of Employees


Expansion of the Studio



Installation of Octopus Archive System and Employee Training


Establishment of the First Live Studio


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